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Classification of Welding Machine

- Aug 16, 2017 -

Industrial and mining enterprises mainly used welding machine: AC arc welder, DC welder, Argon arc welding machine, carbon dioxide shielded welder, welding machine, spot welder, submerged arc welder, high-frequency welding machine, flash butt welder, welding machine, welding machine laser welder.

The difference between the application fields of AC welder and DC welder is mainly that the AC welder is used in steel structure manufacturing units or general general machinery or agricultural machinery manufacturing units. DC is mainly used in welding machines for the manufacture of pressure vessel boilers, pipelines, or important structural manufacturing units.

⑴ Inverter Welder's main application field, just like welding machine more energy-saving, lightweight.

⑵ Submerged arc welding machine is the main application field of large-scale steel structure manufacturing units, pressure vessel boiler manufacturing units.

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