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Pneumatic Rock Drill

The Pneumatic Rock Drill is a compressed air-powered impact drilling machine. According to the propulsion mode, it is divided into a hand-held rock drill, a gas-leg rock drill, a telescopic up-and-down rock drill and a rail rock drill.
Working principle
When the rock drill is working, the air pressure alternately changes into the rear cavity and the front cavity of the cylinder to push the piston back and forth. The same pressure is also applied to the rear cover or the front cover of the cylinder, so that the rock drill is retracted or advanced, and therefore, the rock drill generates vibration to generate a gouge force.
Machine composition
The pneumatic rock drill mainly consists of a cylinder-piston assembly, a gas distribution device, a steel rotary mechanism, a control valve and a flushing-drying mechanism. The pneumatic rock drill is supported by human hands during operation, which is called hand-held rock drill; there is a pneumatic leg rock drill that uses pneumatic support legs; there is a pneumatic guide frame guide, which is called a column guide rock drill; One or several rock drills on the frame are called rock drilling rigs.
The common classifications in engineering are classified according to the way the rock drill is supported.
1.D Rock-bearing rock drills of this type are lighter in weight, generally under 25kg, and are operated by hand when working. A variety of small diameter and shallow blastholes can be used. 2. Steam-leg rock drill This type of rock drill is installed on the air leg for operation. The air leg can support and propel, which reduces the labor intensity of the operator and the rock drilling efficiency is higher than the former.
3. Upward (retractable) rock drill The rock leg of the rock drill is on the same longitudinal axis as the main machine and is integrated into one. Therefore, it has the name of "retractable rock drill" and is dedicated to playing 60. ) 90. Up the gunhole.
4. Rail type rock drill This type of rock drill machine has a large weight (generally 35) 100kg), and is generally installed on the guide rail of a rock drilling rig or column frame, so it is called a rail type.
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