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Gasoline Rock Drill

Product Details

Product description:

Rock drills are tools used to directly mine stone. It drills blastholes on the rock formations to place explosives to blast the rocks to complete the mining of stone or other stonework. Rock drills can be divided into four categories according to their power sources: pneumatic rock drills, gasoline rock drills, electric rock drills and hydraulic rock drills. The internal combustion type uses the principle of the internal combustion engine to drive the piston to impact the steel by the explosive force of the gasoline and to smash the rock. Applicable to construction sites without power supply and no gas source.




Overall Dimension


Engine Type

Single Cylinder, Air Cooled Two Strokes

Cylinder Dia. x Piston


Rotating Speed of Engine


Engine Displacement


Carburetor Type

Hand Needle Valve, No Floating Type

Ignition System

Controllable Silicon Contactless System

Drilling Speed


Max. Drilling Depth


Fuel Consumption


Tank Capacity


Gasoline: Lubrication Oil

9: 1

Drilling Rod Size

H22 x 108mm

Drilling Rod Rotation Speed


Spark Plug Clearance



1. When the engine is pneumatic, pull the starter rope after the ratchet mechanism is engaged. Pull the starting rope in the right direction and do not use too much force to prevent the starting rope from pulling out.

2. When the rock drill is started with the drill pipe installed, the handle clutch is not allowed to go to the swing position.

3. Always pay attention to the blockage of the center hole of the fiber rod to prevent the machine from stalling.

4. In order to protect the slewing mechanism, the machine should not be overloaded.

5. The internal combustion rock drill uses gasoline as fuel, and it can work independently without adding any auxiliary equipment. Easy to carry.

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