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YT28 Pneumatic Rock Drill

Type YT28 air leg drill drilling machine is the most modern product design, it adopts the technology of modern drilling machine, its superior performance, compared with the same type of product, has the advantages of high efficiency, low noise, light weight advantages...

Product Details


YT28 gas rock drill adopts gas-water linkage, rapid return of air leg, air pressure adjustment and other mechanisms. The control handle is concentrated and the handle body is novel, and the operation is convenient. The sound-absorbing cover with belt can effectively reduce noise and change the exhaust direction at will. Improve on-site operating conditions. Compared with the same type of rock drill: light and light, low noise, high efficiency and good economic effect. YT28 airlift rock drill is widely used in mining, roadway driving and various rock drilling operations. It is an important tool in metallurgy, coal, railway, transportation, water conservancy, infrastructure and national defense stone works. This machine is used with medium hard or Wet drilling operation of hard rock, muzzle

technical parameter


 technical parameter


technical parameter


26 kg

Rock drill hole depth

4 m

outline dimension

661×247×195 mm

 working air pressure

0.4-0.63 MPa

cylinder diameter

80 mm

FT160BC Long air leg

piston stroke

60 mm

Air leg length

1800 mm

bombardment energy

≥80 J

Advancing of length

1365 mm

impacting frequency

≥37 Hz

cylinder bore

65 mm

gas consumption

≤81 L/s


16.9 kg

Rotational torque

≥19 N.m

TY200BType lubricator

lnternal Diamenter of Qir

25 mm

oil capacity

200 ml

Rock drill hole dia

32-42 mm


1.02 kg

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