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Tunnel Shotcrete Machine

Tunnel Shotcrete Machine mainly uses compressed air to pass concrete through the material chamber into the machinery that is continuously transported along the pipeline and sprayed onto the construction surface.
The shotcrete can be used for dry spraying and wet spraying. The equipment is widely used in mines, tunnels, culverts, subways, hydropower projects, underground engineering and coal-fired high-altitude mine roadway shotcrete construction operations; various wall reinforcement Sprayed fine stone concrete; various types of industrial furnaces, furnace lining refractory spray molding or repair; various slope protection greening construction, soil transport and injection. The machine can be used for wet spray, dry spray and various fiber jet operations.
Tunnel Shotcrete Machine is dry, PZ, jet and wet, HSP. There are two types of shotcrete machines. The former is dry-mixed by pneumatic conveying, and is sprayed with the pressurized water at the nozzle; the latter is sprayed by a pneumatic or concrete pump to transport the concrete mixture through the nozzle. The wet support is used in the tunnel support. The biggest feature of the wet spray machine is that it greatly reduces the dust generated when the machine is working. The shotcrete machine is an anchor spray support machine with better comprehensive performance such as reducing dust, reducing rebound and saving materials at home and abroad.
The wet spray machine is a kind of construction equipment widely used in engineering construction. It uses compressed air or other power, and the mixing material blended in a certain proportion is transported by pipeline and sprayed at high speed onto the sprayed surface to form a concrete branch. The protective layer, the sprayed concrete technology is simple, the construction cost is low, the adaptability is wide, the operation dust is small, the spray rebound is small, the working environment is protected, the raw materials are saved, and the quality of the spray layer is improved, which plays an important role in various construction fields.
Feel free to wholesale customized tunnel shotcrete machine from our factory. As one of leading tunnel shotcrete machine manufacturers and suppliers in China, we can assure you of its high quality and cheap price.
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