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Evaluation Of Welding Machine

- Aug 16, 2017 -

High efficiency and energy saving

The energy saving of electric welder is embodied in two aspects of energy saving and load saving when no-load. When the welding machine can be unloaded, the main circuit, fan and so on all into the stop state, no-load power consumption only a few watts; the efficiency of welding machine load is higher than that of thyristor rectification welding. According to the relevant parameter statistics, 2008 National Welding Industry DC welder demand for 890,000 units, if all the use of DC welding machine, can directly save 43,000 tons of copper, steel 64,000 tons, save electricity 680 million kw. H, indirect saving coal 566,500 tons, water 10.34 million tons, reduce CO2 emissions of 1.1445 million tons. Therefore, vigorously promote the DC welding machine has great economic and social benefits.

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