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Mining Machinery's Independent Innovation

- Aug 16, 2017 -

China's mining machinery industry has two aspects of the problem: first, the mining machinery industry comprehensive strength is not strong, most enterprises in scientific research, new product development, technical renovation and business management and other aspects of energy and capital investment are in a standstill. Domestic mining machinery products, especially national construction urgently needed key equipment can not meet the requirements, and there are low product technology content, product added value is not high, product quality is not stable, total labor productivity and low problems. The output rate of China's mining machinery manufacturing enterprises is very disproportionate to the profit growth rate. Second, there are problems in product variety, technology, quality and service, which leads to low actual contribution rate of mining machinery industry in China. China mining machinery Enterprises should be the traditional mining machinery poor quality, low efficiency, high energy consumption, pollution, such as a series of problems to do analysis, the development of new mining machinery, independent innovation, to overcome all kinds of difficulties for the Chinese mining machinery to make contributions!

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