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Precautions For Welding Machine

- Aug 16, 2017 -

1, new or long unused welding machine, often due to damp to make the windings, windings and the insulation resistance between the casing greatly reduced, in the beginning of the use of easy short-circuit and grounding, causing equipment and personal accidents. So before using the table to check whether the insulation resistance is qualified.

2, the start of the new welding machine, should check the electrical system contactor part is good, that after normal, can start the trial operation under No-load. To prove that there is no electrical hidden trouble, the test can be run under load conditions, and finally can be put into normal operation.

3, DC welding machine should be in accordance with the specified direction of rotation, for the fan with fans to pay attention to whether the direction of the rotation is correct, should be used from the top blown out. To achieve the purpose of cooling welding machine.

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