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The Failure Phenomenon Of Welding Machine May Cause The Elimination Method

- Aug 16, 2017 -

Transformer overheating 1. Overload 2. Transformer winding short circuit 1. Reduce welding current 2. Troubleshooting short-circuit faults

The welding current is too small 1. The secondary power cord is too long (the conductor pressure drop is too large) 2. Secondary power cord coil (inductance is too large) 3. Secondary power cord Contact is not good (the contact resistance is too large or in contact with the poor) 1. Reduce the length or enlarge the area by 2. Remove the ring-shaped 3. Reconnect to reduce the contact resistance.

The welding current is too large or too small 1. The inductance effect in the circuit is damaged (causing the current to be too large) 2. The magnetic circuit generates eddy currents (resulting in a decrease in current) 1. Repair insulation damage at 2. Adjust Core clearance

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