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ARC Welder

Working principle
The inverter welding machine obtains direct current power to the inverter system mainly composed of the switching device and the high-frequency transformer through rectification and filtering to obtain a high-frequency alternating square wave voltage. Then through the secondary output rectification and filtering, the DC power that can meet the arc welding requirements is obtained. The purpose of the inverter is mainly to change the operating frequency of the system voltage.
Since the low-frequency transformer is bulky and has low work efficiency, in order to reduce the volume and weight of the whole machine and improve the conversion efficiency, it is necessary to convert the I-frequency AC into a high-frequency alternating current. Therefore, the voltage and current can be converted by the high frequency transformer. In the inverter conversion frequency, the control of the magnitude of the output current is achieved by controlling the on/off time ratio of the switching device (ie, the duty of the PWM wave).
ARC Welder Inverter uses DSP digital control technology, ARC200 maximum current 160A, ARC160 maximum current 140A, occupancy rate is greater than 60%, with the following functions:
1. Wide voltage working range: AC150V~260V can work normally, can be dedicated to generator power supply;
2. Power-on slow-start function, slow start time up to 6 seconds (can adjust time as needed);
3. Soft switching control technology to effectively reduce the impact on power devices (MOS and IGBT);
4. Welding rod anti-blocking control function;
6. Overload protection function;
7. With thrust current adjustment function;
8. With hot start current regulation function;
9. High temperature protection;
10. The digital display interface makes man-machine operation simple.
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