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Mig Welder

Mig Welder enables high-efficiency, high-quality welding of ultra-thin plates. The improved double pulse enables high-quality welding with fewer defects and high-quality welding of multiple materials and multiple thicknesses such as aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel. Its output current rises by 33%, enabling high-quality soldering to medium and heavy plates.
Mig Welder ultra-high-speed sampling of welding current and voltage for ultra-precise waveform control for high quality welding;
Its waveform control function is combined with ultra-low spatter control to achieve high efficiency and high quality welding of pipes;
Due to the aluminum alloy waveform control, the aluminum alloy welding achieves a fish scale weld comparable to TIG welding;
Optional vertical welding special software makes difficult vertical welding easier;
The standard configuration of the stainless steel welding mode, while additionally adding a ferritic stainless steel welding mode, enriches the welding options of stainless steel;
The welding machine comes with intelligent welding quality management and expansion functions. The welding conditions and welding results can be easily managed by USB;
The intelligent design enables the welder to have an intelligent function of improving productivity, and can realize welding current jog adjustment and high-speed arc spot welding through the torch switch;
The welding condition range is expanded, and the welding speed is further improved. Even in the high-speed welding, the voltage fluctuation is small, and the weld seam having a uniform width is realized;
It can maximize its function and achieve high efficiency and high quality welding;
Pursuit of higher durability, efficient dust resistance, and simpler and more convenient maintenance and maintenance;
Rich welding mode and optional mode, high-quality welding of special materials can be easily realized by optional installation software;
The water tank integrated trolley configuration enables the convenience of on-site operation and provides customers with more choices.
Feel free to wholesale customized mig welder from our factory. As one of leading mig welder manufacturers and suppliers in China, we can assure you of its high quality and cheap price.