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Welding Machine

Welding Machine is mainly divided into two types: plastic welding machine and metal welding machine.
The main technologies applied are: ultrasonic, high frequency, plasma, electrothermal, rotary and so on.
Welding is a process of fusion between two metals. In the molten state, the solder will dissolve some of the metal in contact with it, while the surface of the metal to be welded often has a thin layer of oxide film that cannot be dissolved by the solder. The flux is used to remove it. This layer of oxide film. The welding process usually includes:
1) melting of the flux to remove the oxide film on the surface of the metal to be soldered;
2) melting the solder to float the impure material and the light flux suspended between them to the surface;
3) Somely dissolve some metal that is connected to the solder;
4) Cool and end the melting of the metal and solder.
 1) Fully digital LCD operation interface, the output is more accurate, the current is more stable, and the data is saved and can be called at any time.
2) High welding strength: complete metallurgical welding, repairing, grinding, milling, boring and other post-processing. The substrate has small damage and a small heat point, which does not cause annealing deformation of the substrate.
3) High repair accuracy:
All kinds of welding wire can be used, no loss of the original reference surface, less excess solder, easy shaping in the later stage, available diameter 0.2-1.6mm, can also be well repaired for cutting edge parts such as tools.
4) Fast repair speed:
Different diameter (0.2mm-2.0mm) welding consumables can be selected for welding according to different welding repair quantities.
 5) Simple operation: quick to get started, easy to operate, especially suitable for fine parts.
6) Wide range of applications:
Applicable to all kinds of plastic molds, stamping molds, die-casting molds, mechanical parts, castings, copper parts, aluminum parts, stainless steel sheet welding.
7) Large voltage adaptation range:
With a switching power supply, the machine can still operate normally and maintain a stable output power when the voltage variation fluctuates within ±15%.
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