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Tig Welder

Tig Welder has a wide variety of pulse mode modes that allow for optimal soldering based on the shape of the workpiece. When TIG welding, there is a safety function that automatically stops gas when there is no welding and the gas continues to flow for more than 2 minutes. In addition, it also has an input over-voltage protection circuit, an input low-voltage protection circuit, and an input phase-out protection circuit, which can be safely protected regardless of the power situation. It has a dust-proof structure and can be used with peace of mind even in harsh environments.
Tig Welder uses IGBT soft-switching inverter control technology, and the IGBT control speed reaches an astonishing 80kHz;
The welding power supply contains 100 welding condition memory functions, key lock protection function and comprehensive welding data management function;
Rich waveform selection function, excellent arc starting performance, stable arc, easy operation, easy forming and welding;
Ability to accurately control weld formation and reduce heat input;
It has a high-frequency arcing and contact arcing double arcing mode, and the contact arcing does not generate high-frequency voltage, and there is no electromagnetic (interference) hazard; Greatly miniaturized and lightweight, and greatly improved operability and visibility;
Compact structure and light weight (only 14kg for welding power), easy to carry around, suitable for all kinds of welding sites, flexible and convenient for mobile work;
Inverter control, full-featured, simple operation, professionalized high-quality welding; 8 M long welding torch configuration for quick and easy connection, TIG welding operation range is large;
At the same time, the manual arc welding is excellent in performance and suitable for welding a variety of metals;
It uses a digital LED display for good visibility even in the dark.
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